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Last Mile Delivery Software

Manage customer expectations

The focus of last mile solutions is to ensure that goods are dispatched from warehouses on time and reach the end user as fast as possible, without any delays. It empowers retailers, ecommerce providers, 3PLs, and manufacturers, among many others to control, optimize, and improve end-to-end logistics operations

Last Mile Delivery Software Solution

How does last mile delivery software work?

  • Customer places an order, which is digitally recorded in the carrier’s system. Order arrives at the transportation hub.
  • Delivery personnel are instructed to take the order to the customer – relevant information such as recommended route and recipient’s location is provided.
  • Orders are scanned for record-keeping purposes and then loaded onto delivery trucks.
  • Item is delivered to recipient with adequate proof of delivery.
  • Personnel records and updates delivery status as “completed”.

Features of Last Mile Delivery Software

Optimize Delivery Routes and Reduce Costs

Minimize delivery related costs by optimizing multi-stop routes so all deliveries can be completed within the shortest time possible. The route optimization feature of last mile maps out the best route by taking into account time, location, driver capacity, distance, traffic, fuel costs, delivery urgency, one-way windows, weather, and so on. As new deliveries come on, routes can be changed and re-assigned as per priority basis, while drivers are notified with alerts.

Fulfil Same-Day Delivery Orders

Assigning on-demand deliveries to the right driver at the proper time is of paramount importance if your business offers the “same-day delivery” guarantee. Implement dynamic on-demand dispatching and driver assignment, so you can allot orders on the fly, immediately as they are recorded into the system.

Dispatch Technicians for Repair Services

What if an appliance has to be repaired urgently? Or the radiator has stopped working when it is freezing outside? Assign technicians for fast and convenient repair services using last mile technology by devising the best routes so they reach quickly.

Send Real Time Updates to Customers

Customers want to know every detail about their package and its corresponding delivery process. Automatic status updates can be sent in the form of notifications so they know when the order is packed and shipped, estimated time of arrival, along with real time location of the delivery executive. These updates reduce failed deliveries as customers are likely to be present to receive the package, once they know when and where it is supposed to arrive.

Better Driver Visibility

Know where your drivers are at all times with real time tracking. Monitor troubling driving behaviour such as harsh braking, excessive idling rapid acceleration, and sharp turns, check if they are going off-route by creating geo fences, and keep tabs on deliveries and related progress.

Proof of Delivery

Get definite proof of delivery! Send an OTP to the customer right before delivery, with an image of the delivery executive leaving the package on the doorstep – contactless delivery is the norm during and after the Covid-19 era.  Proof of delivery is recorded when the image is entered into the system, along with a signature.

Monitor Inventory – Know its Exact Position

Extend visibility from the last mile of delivery to the end destination. Inventory tracking doesn’t  end when you place the goods on to the truck. Transform trucks into moving warehouses by  scanning items from the time they are loaded and then track them to the final point. 

Increase Productivity

By using last mile data about delivery routes and order volumes, businesses can predict when demand tends to drop – on which days of the week or what time of the day. Create a more efficient staffing schedule accordingly.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer complaints have to be handled strategically. Not only do you need to ensure the delivery has reached the destination on time, but also guarantee that it was in perfect condition. Proof of delivery ensures the package was delivered intact and in a timely manner. You can also access data to find out when the shipment was delivered, who signed for it, and the exact location it was dropped at. This information offers critical insights for identifying hurdles and streamlining operations further.

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