Data Centers

Data centers are a critical piece of infrastructure for any company large enough to have them. They comprise of expensive hardware and network equipment which are designed to operate within a certain temperature range.

Furthermore, the assets need protection from water and moisture for longer life

The Autonautics platform gives users the tools to manage their high-value assets effectively in real time.

The platform allows in-depth analytics to predict and prevent any temperature fluctuations and water leakage hence protecting your high-value assets from any damages resulting in serious loss of revenue.

This also means uninterrupted services for your end customer hence reducing the probability of any revenue leakage. The alerts are generated during situations where the sensor values are not within an acceptable range.

There are numerous pre-defined reports and alerts to kick start the operation followed by dynamic dashboards, reports and alerts for complex customisation.

The historical data is used for detailed investigation as well as for insurance settlements.

A combination of multiple sensors which includes temperature, motion detection, humidity, air flow meters, and water detection is perfect for keeping an eye on the conditions of your server rooms and data centers.

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