3D image showing usage of iot interconnectivity across domains

Complete E2E IoT solution – Everything in one place

Manage, monitor and control

Autonautics is a cloud based powerful, multi-functional and comprehensive platform for effectively managing your business and its high value assets in a live environment.

Convergence & Integrity Made Simple

Customized solutions for all your complex business needs

Real-time platform integrates various devices and sensors to consolidate, and analyze data to execute business strategies

We strive to simplify the whole process starting from data collection to advanced reporting and analytics.

Features & Capabilities


Realtime Monitoring

Smart Alerts & Notifications

Reports & API


Device Management


Fault Management


Adaptive and fast learning

User-friendly and flexible, Autonautics adapts to your business needs with ease.

Every company is unique – we design the software and hardware to be integrated with existing processes, rather than changing it entirely. Flexibility is what makes Autonautics an excellent tool for devising strategy and making decisions. The user-friendly platform is for people with all kinds of technical skills

One Solution for All

A one-size-fits-all integrated solution!

Scalability and quick integration ensures the system is effective for small, medium and large organizations, from sole traders and entrepreneurs to companies with hundreds of employees spread across a wide geographical area.

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