Connected Fleet

Transform the way you manage your Fleet at present

The Autonautics platform gives users the tools to manage their fleet effectively including real-time reporting of where each vehicle or asset is, what it is doing and where it has been.

The platform allows in-depth analytics to predict accidents, reduce idle time and optimize asset utilization.

Fuel Consumption


Idle Time

Services Time

Driving Behaviour

Over Speed

Sudden Brake & Acceleration

Journey History

Predictive Maintenance

Schedule Services

Spare Parts

Health Check

Replay and Rewind

The historical data is used for detailed investigation mainly during an accident situation as well as for insurance settlements.

Analytics and Reports

There are numerous pre-defined reports and alerts to kick start the operation followed by dynamic dashboards, reports and alerts for complex customisation.

Alerts and Notifications

Supervise your key metrics in real-time, automatically alerting people when service levels fall behind or an opportunity for development pops up.


Create multiple Geofence of different size & shapes – Circle, Rectangle & Polygon to redefine the way you manage your Fleet.

Ease of use – Platform at your fingertips,

we support Desktop, Laptop and Mobile handsets.

Separate Assets as per usage and departments.

Create multiple groups, users and restrict access level as required.

The state-of-the-art platform provides user with interface to manage their assets, devices and connectivity.

Map your Assets, Device and SIM in real time.

Customisation and Integration

API’s are available for third party integration.

No programming required

- Define your requirements and create customised Dashboard, Reports and Alerts.


The devices can also incorporate iButton for driver identification and sensors for monitoring Temperature and other data inputs from coolers and refrigerators.


2G,3G/4G European made, sim based robust devices


Overview & detail reports


Customised & graphical representation of KPl's


Email Alerts

Fleet Management

Manage labour, spare parts, fuels, tyres etc

Device Management

Configure and manage Devices and SIM connectivity

Incident Management

Trouble ticket & resource management


Groups, Users & Access rights

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