Freezers and Coolers

Walk-in refrigerators or freezers always have thousands of dollars worth of items in them at any given time.If they malfunction, you have to deal with food spoilage & wastage, along with costly repairs.

Autonautics platform gives users the tools to manage their high-value assets and inventory in real time.

Using detailed analytics, the platform monitors temperature and prevents fluctuations. Early warnings are sent out when temperatures aren’t within an acceptable range, to thwart complete system failure.

High-value FMCG and food products are protected, and you don’t face serious loss of revenue!

Pre-defined reports and alerts are used for kick starting the operations, while more dynamic dashboards, reports, and warnings are devised for complex customization. Data gathered can be used for detailed investigation as well as for insurance settlements.

We use a combination of sensors to monitor freezers and coolers, such as temperature, open/close door, pressure, and water rope.

The features we offer can help the government to maintain food quality in school canteens, hospitals and eateries. Moreover, it also helps restaurants, supermarkets and other FMCG providers to maintain their stellar food quality.


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