Autonautics is a cloud based powerful and comprehensive platform for managing, monitoring and optimising your business and its high value assets in a live environment.

Taking leverage of the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Autonautics delivers robust and seamless connectivity in real time, along with a host of integrated solutions for all types of organizations, i.e. small, medium and enterprise-level.

3D image showing usage of iot interconnectivity across domains

With Autonautics, your business gets access to a nearly infinite world of development, management and deployment of M2M applications and IoT technology assets across your organization, thus providing a massive boost to productivity and efficiency.

Autonautics has been designed from the ground up and with its deep-integration allows you to easily automate network connections and processes. Besides automation, our cutting-edge IoT services also assist you in devices connection & control, data analysis as well as management & storage of sensor data.

How Internet of Things or IoT supercharges your business productivity

  • Creates a state-of-the-art virtual bridge between the online and offline worlds to give your business a tremendous edge.
  • Transforms the system infrastructure with upgrades, without hampering the existing technology used by your business.
  • Comprehensive data security, especially during transit and storage as well as when accessed by other applications.
  • IoT real-time data monitoring leads to significantly reduced costs for analysis and projections.

Data Generation

Sensors and Devices are the troops of the IoT, the on-the-ground pieces of hardware doing the critical work of monitoring processes, taking measurements and collecting data.

  • They transmit several terabytes of data in real time.
  • Sensors can take a multitude of possible measurements in real time.
  • Easy to install, reliable, sleek and robust wireless IoT devices and sensors are available today to generate data.

Our IoT sensors deliver accurate real-time data that can then be easily collected, tracked and analyzed on the fly.

This procedural chain ensures that the data collected offers a comprehensive and real-time overview of infrastructure performance as well as the efficacy of its environment.

The data generation IoT technology provides you with an expansive report, replete with graphical representations and dashboards that allow you to gain an exhaustive insight into the performance of your workforce as well as customer satisfaction figures.

image depicting data generation process via flow chart

Data Engineering

Real-time data from multiple devices and sensors are collected, transformed and finally processed and stored for future availability using the Autonautics platform. APIs are provided for further integration and analysis if need be.

Our data engineering technology allows you to perform an accurate and practical application of collected and analysed data, thus enabling enhanced efficiency and robust productivity.

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