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Is a cloud based powerful and comprehensive
platform for managing, monitoring and optimising
your business and its high value assets in a live environment.

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How Internet of Things or IoT supercharges your business productivity

Creates a high-tech virtual bridge between online and offline worlds to give your business a tremendous edge

Transforms the system infrastructure with upgrades, without hampering existing technology used by your business.



Comprehensive data security, especially during transit and storage and also when accessed by other applications.

IoT real-time data monitoring leads to significantly reduced costs for analysis and projections.


Data Technical

Data Generation using Devices and Sensors

Sensors and Devices are building blocks of the IoT, the on-the-ground hardware components executing the critical work of monitoring processes, taking measurements and collecting data.

Data Transformation into Information

Real-time data from multiple devices and sensors are collected, transformed and finally processed and stored for future availability using the Autonautics platform.

Analyse information for effective decision making

The Autonautics platform provides you with an expansive report, replete with graphical representations and dashboards that allow you to gain an exhaustive insight into the performance of your workforce as well as customer satisfaction figures.

Predictive Analytics

The significance of aggregated data is massive and extracting deep insights is key to decision making. Foresee future events and probability that may influence your business based on historical data and smart algorithms.

Preventive Measures

Based on data-driven prescriptive analysis you can take evaluative measures to minimise downtime, accidents, schedule regular maintenance and maximise usage. Strategic responsive processes are in place using smart alerts and notifications.

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