How GPS Tracking Solution Helps to Prevent Dangerous Driving Behaviour

Drive Safe
  • You can monitor speeding habits and control aggressive driving behaviour.
  • It helps lower fuel consumption and minimizes idling time.
  • It lets you review routes, set standards for safety, and send real-time alerts to drivers, as and when required.
  • GPS tracking solution helps to reduce personal use of company vehicles.

Being a fleet owner, you have to ensure all vehicles run smoothly and arrive on time sans any delays, while the fleet contributes to overall growth of the company. You should be able to keep tabs on drivers to eliminate problems like wasted fuel, improper use of company vehicles, and reckless driving patterns. GPS fleet tracking is the ideal solution to accomplish these objectives and promote safe driver behaviour with the use of predictive and preventive analytics.

At Anstel, we offer Connected Fleet management solutions including GPS vehicle tracking so you can quickly access data in real time and make informed decisions that assist in monitoring and managing drivers more efficiently. Here is how our GPS tracking devices help reduce accidents and improves driver behaviour:

Monitor speeding habits

Speeding is actually one of the most common offences among fleet drivers, so the ability to monitor how fast your vehicles travel enables you to analyse speeding and other problematic driving patterns by checking the necessary data. Speeding is not only unsafe, but it also leads to reduction of gas mileage of your fleet. With GPS fleet management services, you can schedule automatic smart alerts or review reports during a specific date and time range to identify those drivers regularly driving over speed limits (set beforehand by your company).

With the help of telematics technology, you Connected Fleet can be simplified. Anstel offers a dynamic Connected Fleet solution with advanced GPS tracking devices designed to adapt to your business model, which guarantees an increase in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Prevent aggressive driving

When it comes to acceleration and braking, both have to be performed in a safe manner. If the driver accelerates too fast, they pose a danger to themselves as well as other drivers and pedestrians on the road. Harsh braking also increases risk. In addition to the potential dangers posed by hard accelerating and braking, this type of driver behaviour causes unnecessary wear and tear on brake pads and other vehicle components. Aggressive or reckless driving not only involves hard acceleration, braking or speeding, but tailgating, haphazard driving, swerving in and out of lanes, and so on. Use GPS vehicle tracking solution to identify, pinpoint drivers exhibiting these patterns, so you can take appropriate action, protect your vehicles, and provide regular feedback and training to ensure such driving behaviour isn’t repeated in future.

Lower fuel consumption and maintenance cost

It is a foregone conclusion that one of the easiest ways to save money is by reducing fuel consumption of your fleet. Drivers’ behaviour has a vital impact on the amount of fuel being used by each vehicle.  Whether it is driving overly fast, leaving a vehicle idling, or taking longer routes, your fleet driver might be spending more money on fuel than they should. You can utilize Anstel’s GPS vehicle tracking solution to improve driver behaviour and reduce fuel consumption and ongoing maintenance via preventive analytics. Establish strict company policies regarding acceptable average and top speeds, idling time, and other parameters – our GPS tracking solution helps to enforce them rigorously.

Review routes carefully

An excellent aspect of GPS fleet tracking solutions is the ability to show an interactive replay of routes. Check visual history of your drivers’ activity, review indicators of unsafe driving, and play back each driver’s history to identify unsafe driving patterns. When you have drivers handling longer trips, you can break down their routes into detailed segments to thoroughly assess their driving, including the ability to view street-level details.

Check safety report cards

You can create and maintain safety report cards and driver ratings to get a clear insight about driving behaviour. It helps fleet managers determine particular areas for improvement and additional training based on predictive analytics. These report cards help to understand if you need to focus on a few individual drivers or address the entire fleet. Knowing which drivers exhibit dangerous driving patterns and the ones who adhere to safety standards, gives you the opportunity to reward and reinforce correct driving habits.

Send real-time alerts

One of the best features of Connected Fleet using GPS tracking for your fleet is the ability to send real-time alerts to fleet managers when you detect unsafe driving behaviour. Apart from letting the driver know they have committed an unsafe action, these alerts help to identify potentially unsafe driving patterns that should be addressed. You can use the alerts and insights to provide better training to individual drivers and set expectations for fleet-wide driving behaviour.

Reduce personal use

A widespread problem that companies face is when drivers use fleet vehicles excessively for personal use. It costs the organization more money for fuel and repairs due to the extra wear & tear. By using our GPS tracking solution, you can receive alerts if vehicles are being used after hours or driven out of a designated area by a predetermined geo-fence.

Connected Fleet solution using GPS tracking not only helps to keep dangerous driving behaviour in check, but it increases ROI for businesses as well, by lowering operating costs, reducing labour expenses, boosting productivity, and keeping customer satisfaction at an all-time high. At Anstel, we can customize GPS tracking solutions to fit your fleet requirements – all you have to do is get in touch with us!

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