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Data Centers

These are a critical part of infrastructure for organizations to store crucial information. They consist of a network of computing and storage resources that enable the delivery of shared applications and data. For a data center to function properly at all times, they have to operate within a certain temperature range, while components have to be protected from moisture.

The Autonautics platform empowers users with tools to manage their high-value assets effectively in real time.

The platform uses in-depth analytics to predict and prevent temperature fluctuations and water leakage hence protecting assets from any damages that could result in serious loss of revenue.

It also entails uninterrupted services for your end customer.

The system sends out an alert when sensor values aren’t within acceptable range, so the problem can be rectified immediately.

There are numerous pre-defined reports and warnings to kick start the operation followed by dynamic dashboards, analytics and alerts for complex customization.

The historical data is used for detailed investigation and insurance settlements.

Monitor your server room and data centers via a combination of multiple sensors including temperature, motion detection, humidity, air flow meters, and water detection.

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