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Connected Fleet

Transform the way you manage your Fleet

Connected Fleet uses vehicle GPS tracker and other devices to manage your fleet effectively using the Autonautics platform. Get real-time updates about location, driving routes, safe driving behavior and other vehicle related data.

Transition from GPS Tracking to Connected Fleet

Traditional GPS Fleet Tracking and fleet tracking software is barely scratching the surface when it comes to the scope of telematics.

We have successfully enabled many large and medium fleet owners with predictive and preventive analysis followed by prescriptive information for better decision making using our Autonautics Connected Fleet solution.

Fuel Consumption

  • Mileage
  • Idle Time
  • Services Time

Driving Behaviour

  • Over Speed
  • Sudden Brake & Acceleration
  • Journey History

Predictive Maintenance

  • Schedule Services
  • Spare Parts
  • Health Check


Transform the way you manage your Fleet

  • You can access historical information in replay and rewind mode, if there is an accident or during insurance claim.
  • Use the available GPS data to aid in investigations and settling insurance claims.
  • It helps differentiate between accidents that could have been prevented and unavoidable incidents.

Pre-defined reports and alerts are already incorporated, so you can use them as standard templates to kick start your operation. For better customization, you can access dynamic dashboards, reports, and alerts for better decision making.

Either wired or OBD2 enabled Vehicle GPS tracker device provides constant oversight with real time scores based on driving behaviour to reduce accidents, lower maintenance cost and promote eco driving. Educating drivers on reducing excessive idling, over speed, cornering and zig zag driving is key based on data analytics.

Keep tabs on parameters like drive time, days driven, mileage, etc. so you can understand asset utilisation. Key metrics are transmitted in real-time, so you know immediately when service levels fall behind and can work on improvement

Connected Fleet solution using GPS fleet tracking lets you create geo fences so drivers can adhere to specific routes, while avoiding areas of traffic and at the same time follow safety regulation. It ensures on-time delivery of goods and customer insights.

Ease of Use

The platform is widely compatible with desktop, laptop, mobile handsets, and other smart devices.

Separate Assets as per usage and requirements

Create multiple groups, users and restrict access level as required.

Device Management

The state-of-the-art platform along with European made GPS device provides users with interface to manage their assets, devices and connectivity.

Customisation and Integration

API’s are available for third party integration. No programming required


The devices can also incorporate iButton for driver identification and European made accurate and compliant Bluetooth sensors for real time monitoring temperature, humidity, movement and door sensors. The sensors are widely used in monitoring and managing coolers and refrigerators in trucks and vans. Widely used to monitor open and close door and pallet monitoring for delivery and security purpose


2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT and CatM1 European made, SIM based robust GPS tracking devices for vehicle mapping and establishing a secure chain of communication in your fleet. All devices are regulatory compliant, and hardware is protected from electronic intrusion


Track vehicle diagnostics and other data including fuel usage, maintenance records, and driving behavior.


Customized and graphical representation of KPl’s that can be used to manage fleets with high volumes or several deliveries over short distances.


Instant alerts to your phone regarding issues with your fleet – know if your driver is taking an alternate route, why it is a particular delivery is taking extra time, etc.

Fleet management software

The GPS device lets you track all assets and manage labour, spare parts, fuel, tyres etc.

Device Management

Configure and manage devices and SIM connectivity – you can conveniently switch between multiple devices.

Incident Management

Get notified about accidents, harsh braking patterns, and rapid accelerations – you can access this data later during investigations into incidents.


Create different groups and grant access rights to users or prevent unauthorized access.

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