How can Anstel’s Fleet Management Solutions Protect Data Privacy?

Electronic toll collection is helpful as it leads to less congestion on busy roads, a decrease in carbon emissions, and lower operating and staffing costs. But there are rising cyber security concerns, which have to be addressed, such as toll hacks that could steal important data and information.

What are the security ramifications of toll hacks in electronic toll collection?

Cyber risks for toll hacks can occur across any stage of the process, beginning with tag purchase and registration. This process typically happens online, with the user setting up an account with the state or company that authorizes the toll pass. Additionally, as this process is available at toll road rest stops, it is tempting for drivers to use the free on-site Wi-Fi to create the account, giving a hacker easy access to credit card and personal information, as well as to the tag details.

Electronic toll systems also depend on third parties to store the information held in their accounts and all networks are susceptible to data breaches. Organizations have to stay updated with cyber security systems to keep toll information secure. The problem is it could take months before a data breach or other cyber incident is discovered, which could result in identity theft and thousands of dollars in tolls for unsuspecting drivers, your organization should have a rapid response mechanism in place to monitor and mitigate electronic toll collection incidents.

How to prevent against toll hacks?

Prevent physical attacks

The information technology infrastructure used for electronic tolls is often visible and exposed along on- and off-ramp areas. Since the number of people working in toll booths is now less (or perhaps none), it is easier to physically access the infrastructure and download malware into the system, modify sections of the internet architecture, or exploit vulnerabilities or launch attacks designed to steal data or manipulate the system. The ideal way to prevent physical attacks is to set up cameras and sensors in these areas to monitor 24×7.

Prevent cyber attacks

This is the most dangerous part, because intruders can wreak havoc through traditional internet attacks and hijacking control of the toll systems, which could steal valuable data and sensitive information from drivers passing through. They might use poorly protected toll systems as an entry point to your organization’s entire network, where much more damage can be done. To prevent that from happening, Anstel’s fleet management solution offers the toll system the network capabilities it needs but without connecting to your organizational network.

Like any system depending on internet connections and electronic devices, toll systems are at risk of being hacked. Knowing where the risks are and using the same cyber security best practices for any other type of system will keep both drivers and agencies secure from toll hacks. With modernized secure toll collection, along with Anstel’s fleet management solution, it can improve your revenue and keep operations running smoothly. It has numerous benefits apart from secure payment collection and decreased lost tolls, like reduced traffic congestion, minimized expenses, and much more.

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