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Heating and Cooling (HVAC)

It can be tricky managing your building’s heating and air conditioning systems to ensure they operate properly and maintain the correct temperature at the same time.

Did you know heating and cooling units are constantly at risk?

If you have experienced problems in the past, you must know exactly how how costly system failures can be, especially if they aren’t detected on time.

Rest assured you can count on us!

The Autonautics platform provides the tools to manage your high-value HVAC (heating and cooling) systems in real time. The platform uses in-depth analytics to predict and avoid temperature fluctuations and sends early warnings to prevent system failure.

Being proactive reduces the cost of repairs and keeps tenants content with your services!

Alerts are generated and subsequent notifications are sent during situations when sensor values aren’t within acceptable range.

We use numerous sensors which include quad temperature, AC current meter, and duct temperature for monitoring the condition of HVAC units.

There are several pre-defined reports and alerts to kick start the operation followed by dynamic dashboards, analytics and warning systems for complex customization. The historical data is used for detailed investigation and insurance settlements.

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