How Anstel’s Autonautics Platform Adds Value to Your Business

Managing a fleet is a tough task, as there are so many variables, data, and parameters that you have to work with. A robust Autonautics platform helps to track and monitor vehicles and driver performance, at all times. This kind of supervision is much needed since the fleet is involved in various scenarios starting from driving habits and incidents on the road to vehicle wear and tear. The system stores fleet data that includes vehicle specifications, service schedules, and insurance documents. Thus, fleet management becomes easier and you can access information more conveniently. 

What can Anstel’s Autonautics platform do for you?

Anstel’s Autonautics platform lets you efficiently manage your business along with its assets, by providing customized solutions as per requirements. Powerful devices and sensors provide data in real-time, which helps to make smart and informed decisions. The best part is that this platform can be easily integrated with existing processes, rather than having to start from scratch – Anstel prides itself on flexibility. It is a one-size-fits-all solution that can be scaled up as needed, so be it small startups, medium-sized companies, or large organizations, we have it covered.

Why is Anstel more cost-effective as compared to other players in the market?

We charge a one-time license cost that includes features like customization, data analysis, prescriptive analytics, driver feedback platform, and much more. There are no hidden charges – it is a one-time investment. Competitors might ask for lower license costs, but they charge for every feature/benefit separately. In the end, you end up paying an exorbitant amount, only because you wanted to shell out a lower amount for the license. Therefore, think of long-term savings and choose wisely!

What benefits can Anstel’s Autonautics platform offer?

  • Complete visibility with streamlined data – access information in one place, and get a full view of operations to make data-driven decisions more easily.
  • One central dashboard – collect and manage data from one platform, so you don’t have to switch programs.
  • Scalability – Whether your business is a startup or an established company, it always needs to expand, so having a single unified platform helps to scale properly.
  • Reduce expenses and boost revenue – save money in regards to fuel expenses, vehicle repairs, labor costs, etc. Track down lost assets or stolen vehicles with tracking technology, while improving productivity at the same time. Prevent revenue leakage by ensuring on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

Anstel’s Autonautics platform is flexible, user-friendly, and adapts to any business model – to know more, get in touch with us right now!

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