Driver Monitoring System Solution for Fleet Management

Driver Monitoring System

Accidents occur every day due to distracted driving. According to The CDC (Centre for Disease Control & Prevention), distracted driving causes approximately 9 death cases and more than 1,000 injured cases every day in the United States alone! While the idea of self-driving cars is amazing, but removing drivers completely from the picture is still far ahead. 

Driver Monitoring System (DMS) is the need of the hour!

This is a real-time system that is specifically designed for fleets. Be it drowsiness, distractions, fatigue, or other visual attributes that can lead to fatalities, the server detects these patterns and sends alerts in real time to fleet managers, as well as drivers. It also detects driver ID and camera status to prevent unauthorized usage and tampering. Apart from these features, specialized algorithms provide benefits such as workforce management enhancement, DMS-based driver supervision, and driving scoring information. Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and using computer vision algorithms, it provides stellar in-cabin sensing solutions for fleets.

How does the DMS work?

Once the device is switched on:

  • The camera and sensors monitor and pick up on movements.
  • Cutting-edge AI technology analyzes video for instances of drowsiness, fatigue, distractions, etc.
  • Results are sent to the server once the event is classified.
  • Real time alerts are sent to fleet managers (can be configured). Audio and visual driver alerts can be set accordingly.

Features of the DMS:

Superb Connectivity

Real time data and information is transmitted to fleet management systems via cloud connectivity. RS232, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi can be used to seamlessly connect to the in-vehicle telematics box.

Easy Installation

An adjustable mount can be used to prop up the device on the windshield or dashboard. Both iOS and Android apps are available for convenient installation procedures.

Monitoring Driver Movements

Detection of driver state is extremely important, because a timely alert sent to drivers can save their lives! Using embedded computer vision and AI, head pose, blink rate, direction of gaze, and other visual characteristics can be used to determine if their attention is on the road or not. The device expertly detects driver fatigue and drowsiness to prevent incidents.


Are drivers letting other people operate your vehicle for a little extra on the side? Are driver’s family members using the vehicle for personal errands? The AI identifies and authenticates drivers via facial recognition technology to prevent this from happening.

Keep Tabs on Position

Is the driver not wearing his seat belt? Is he not sitting in the right position while driving? An alert is sent immediately for seat belt reminder and air bag deployment.


The device is integrated with self-monitoring capabilities. Due to quick camera status notifications, fleet managers are alerted of any tampering or loss of calibration. It allows them to respond to critical situations quickly.

Checking Driver Activity

When drivers are on the road, their focus should only be on the job. Poor habits like smoking, eating, drinking, or texting while driving can lead to fatal accidents. The AI uses advanced algorithms to check if drivers are indulging in unsafe behavior. For instance, if they are feeling sleepy, nodding off, or displaying erratic eye movements, the device identifies such signs, and sends an alert to fleet managers, as well as the drivers. Thus, drivers can immediately correct such behavior, while fleet managers might intervene if necessary. The DMS also detect if they are wearing face masks.