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Connected Fleet using OBD2 Plug and Track 4G Device

Ideal for car owners, delivery vans & rental cars. It detects vehicle malfunction, ensures driver safety and keeps vehicles secure against theft & towing.




The Autonautics platform can also be referred to as your car’s doctor. It is a standardized system that keeps tabs on the fuel monitor, engine temperature, emission standards, and other aspects. When any anomalies are found, the advanced sensors of the OBD trigger an alert on your mobile, letting the users know about the problem immediately.

Anstel’s OBD2 device is compatible between vehicles, so even if the vehicle is replaced, its device can simply be plugged into the new vehicle, and it will start working like before. It also helps the user identify exactly which components have to be repaired or replaced, which reduces car repair bills and ongoing maintenance expenses, considerably.

It allows vehicle tracking, monitoring driver behaviour, real-time reporting, creating geofences, data analytics, keeping an eye inside the car via dashcam and more. The Pro version also offers admin access, dynamic alerts and reports to better manage your fleet.

Fuel Consumption

  • Mileage
  • Idle Time
  • Services Time

Driving Behaviour

  • Over Speed
  • Sudden Brake & Acceleration
  • Journey History

Predictive Maintenance

  • Schedule Services
  • Spare Parts
  • Health Check


Data Storage 12 months
Frequency 10 secs
Wireless Technology 2G/3G/4G
Web Application – Chrome, FireFox and IE
Supports Android & iOS App
Driver App
IoT Sensors
Map Google Map

Real Time Monitoring
Asset Maintenance & Service history
POI & Geofencing
Replay and Rewind
Incident Management
Module for Security and Law Enforcement

Standard & Dynamic Reports
Admin and Client Level Reports (Export – PDF & CSV)
Standard & Dynamic Dashboard
Smart Grids

Dynamic and Standard Alerts
Email Notifications
Time Policy

Manage Device, Asset, Driver and SIM

Users & Groups

24*7 Email Support
Online Training


Information GSM/GPRS/GNSS

1x Micro-SIM card Micro-SIM
K-Line (OBD II) K-Line, CAN bus data
128MB memory
Dual-sim (1x micro SIM card; 1x eSIM)
Negative Input
Internal IoT/GSM antenna
Internal GSM antenna Internal High Gain
Internal GNSS antenna Internal High Gain
OBD II connector OBDII Socket
OBD II Data K-Line, CAN bus data
DIN – digital input
AIN – analog input
Battery 170mAh Li-ion 3.7V
10 – 30V

NITZ time synch.
Configuration over Bluetooth
Bluetooth sensors support
LV-CAN support
ALL-CAN support
Ignition detection Accelerometer, External Power Voltage, Engine RPM
Sleep/Deep sleep GPS Sleep, Online Deep Sleep, Deep Sleep, Ultra Deep Sleep
Overspeeding detection
Remote Log
GPRS commands Configuration, Debug
RFID 1-Wire®
iButton 1-Wire®
Temp. 1-Wire®
Eco driving
Green driving
GNSS Fuel Counter  GNSS Fuel Counter
Fuel monitoring LLS (analog)
Jamming detection
SMS event Configuration, Events, Debug
Idling detection  Excessive Idling detection
Crash detection
Trip detection
Towing detection
Integrated scenarios
Management via SMS
Offline tracking
Auto Geofencing
Voice call
FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)
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