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AI based Driver Monitoring System CIPIA(LTE)

Minimize accidents by detecting driver fatigue and distraction using Cipia-FS10 driver monitoring system (DMS).




Minimize accidents in your fleet, due to distracted or reckless driving! The Cipia-FS10 is a sophisticated driver monitoring system (DMS) that expertly detects driver fatigue and other signs of dangerous driving, and immediately sends an alert to the fleet management server.  Alerts can be customized to be sent in real time if the device picks up drowsiness, distractions, fatigue, or other visual attributes that can lead to accidents/fatalities. It also detects driver ID and camera status to prevent unauthorized usage and tampering. RS232, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi can be used to connect to the in-vehicle telematics box. Android or iOS apps are available to guide through the installation process. So if you are looking for advanced in-cabin sensing solutions for fleets, the FS10 is just what you need!


 The moment the device is switched on, cameras and sensors start detecting movements. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is used to check video for signs of drowsiness, fatigue, distractions, and so on. Once an event is flagged, it sends an alert to the server and fleet managers. Audio and visual driver alerts can be set as well.

Position Verification

Know if the driver is in proper position and wearing their seat belt while driving. A face mask detection feature is integrated too. Configure alerts for seat belt reminder and air bag deployment if required.

Easy Setup

The DMS comes with an adjustable mount so it can be propped up on the windshield or dashboard.

Monitoring Movements

AI and embedded computer vision determine head pose, blink rate, direction of gaze, and other visual characteristics, to ensure if drivers are paying attention to the road ahead. Advanced algorithms are used to check if they are indulging in unsafe behaviour such as smoking, eating, drinking, or texting while driving. It could be other issues too, such as feeling sleepy, dosing off, erratic eye movements, etc. The device sends an alert to both drivers and fleet managers – the former ensures drivers self-correct such behaviour, while the latter gives the option to intervene if needed.


Facial recognition technology is used to verify driver ID so there can be no unauthorized usage of vehicles.

Highly Secure

Due to self-monitoring characteristics and quick camera status notifications, fleet managers know immediately when the device is tampered with, or if there is loss of calibration. Thus, they can respond to critical situations swiftly.


Information Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Main Processor (SOC) Ambarella CV25
Memory Card Micro SD card slot – up to 256GB, exFAT, SDHC/SDXC
Motion Sensor 3D Accelerometer / (±16g, 12bit, 100Hz or better)
Internal Microphone High sensitivity, omnidirectional
Cellular1 LTE CAT4
GNSS module Satellite Systems Support: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo
Wireless LAN Wi-Fi AP and/or Hotspot
Bluetooth BLE V4.2
USB 1 x USB 2.0 Device/host (Micro-USB port)
Input Power Direct vehicle battery connection (7-32V)
Internal Battery Li-Ion 3.7V/550mAh
LEDs 1 x System status (3 color) and 1 x Driver feedback

OS Linux v4.14
Holding phone
Driver ID
Real-time driver alerts
Tamper proofing
Driver scoring information
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