Wireless Voltage Meters – 0-200 VDC

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Product Description

ALTA wireless voltage meters are designed to give accurate voltage readings from a host of devices, including sensors and batteries. You can get up to 200 VDC voltage reading by connecting the sensor’s leads to the positive and ground terminal of the target device. As the wireless voltage meter isn’t compatible with AC voltage measurement, so you need to use external excitation voltage to measure any passive device.

Devices compatible with wireless voltage meter – 0-200 VDC

  • RTD
  • Thermocouple
  • Industrial Accelerometer
  • Piezo Electric Sensors
  • Pressure Transducer
  • Strain Gauge
  • All Variable Resistors
  • Thermistor

Caution: Do not use the Wireless Voltage Meter – 0-200 VDC with AC voltages, negative voltages and any DC voltage output of more than 250V.  Such usage can cause damage to the sensor’s electronics. The manufacturer will not undertake any replacement, troubleshooting or reimbursement in case of such damages. 


Features of Wireless Voltage Meter – 0-200 VDC:

  • +/- 1% Sensor accuracy
  • 0.01 VDC Sensor resolution
  • 200 VDC upper limit for interfacing with batteries


ALTA – Cutting-Edge Enterprise Grade “IOT” Solutions

All ALTA sensors feature an extended non-line-of-sight range that gives them an increased operational capability three to four times greater than other sensors. This extended reach allows the sensors to penetrate up to 1,200 feet through walls (that is 12 to 14 standard construction walls). ALTA sensors take advantage of the Frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) that greatly reduces interference from nearby wireless devices.

All sensors are equipped with a state-of-the-art power management system for sustained and prolonged operations. This gives ALTA sensors nearly double the battery life than standard wireless sensors.

  • Battery life of Coin Cell Sensors: 3+ years
  • Battery life of AA & Industrial Sensors: 12+ years


Data Security & Backup

Monnit’s new Encrypt-RF® Security (256-bit Diffie Hellman key exchange and AES-128 CBC encryption for all sensor data messages) is extensively used in all ALTA sensors to keep the data secure. This high-level security measure consistently protects the data at all communication points – the sensor to the gateway, the gateway to the software, and back from the software to the sensor.

The sensors also have an integrated data storage that stores up to 512 data messages, time-stamped and ready to be sent. In the event of gateway communication loss, the messages are safely backed up and are instantly transmitted once connectivity is restored.

Over-the-air (OTA) updates are also regularly pushed to the sensors to keep them updated with the latest features, fixes, and patches.


Wireless Voltage Meter Data Sample

Date Signal Battery Senor Reading
5/28/2012 – 3:59 PM 100 95 2.4
5/28/2012 – 3:56 PM 100 0 1.2
3/16/2012 – 1:30 PM 100 8 1.9


Contents of the Box

  • Mounting hardware
  • Wireless voltage meter
  • 2 x AA batteries

Additional information


AA, Coin Cell, Industrial


900MHz, 868MHz, 433MHz

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Wireless Voltage Meters - 0-200 VDC

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