Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors-Industrial

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Wireless Industrial Ultrasonic Sensors

The industrial grade wireless industrial ultrasonic sensors offer unmatched reliability and are designed to operate even when obstructed by the target surface and colors. Our sensors can be used in a variety of fields and applications and are used to measure the distance between the sensors and the object in its line of sight.

Incorporating state of the art technology, the industrial-grade wireless ultrasonic sensors are developed using auto-calibration algorithms. This algorithm element offers unique adaptability that enables the sensors to work efficiently and deliver the desired results in different weather conditions, while also compensating for humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Perfectly suited for both outdoor as well as indoor operations, these distance measurement sensors can also be calibrated using customized software that provide the sensors with enhanced distance measurement accuracy.

Uses of Industrial Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors

  • Detection of liquid levels
  • Distance measurement evaluation between the sensor and objects

Cutting-Edge Enterprise-Grade IOT Solutions

The high-performance ultrasonic sensors offer extended range, that is 3 to 4 times the operating range of standard sensors. These sensors can extend the non-line of sight range to an astounding 1,000 feet through walls. Our expert team of professionals have integrated Frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) which provides sensors with increased immunity against interference from other wireless devices.

The interiors of the sensors are built after extensive research to provide superior power management which is almost twice the battery life of standard wireless sensors. The sturdy build of our wireless ultrasonic distance sensors makes them resistant to dirt, dust and humidity, thus lasting for at least 10 years with reduced maintenance.

By employing cutting-edge Encrypt-RF™ Security (256-bit Diffie Hellman key exchange and AES-128 CBC encryption for all sensor data messages) at all communication points, we ensure complete end-to-end security, from the sensor to the gateway and vice versa.

In case of internet or power outage, our sensors are equipped with onboard data storage to make sure that the undelivered data messages are transmitted once communication to a wireless gateway is resumed. The over-the-air updates feature allows the products to get updated remotely as and when new features are released.

The wireless ultrasonic sensors are shipped in a sealed and IP65, NEMA 4X, CE rated packaging, that is also waterproof to ensure no damage is done to the sensors during transit. The replaceable industrial grade battery provides long-lasting performance to the sensors.

With a commitment towards environmental conservation we also offer solar-powered industrial wireless ultrasonic sensors, that are powered by a Lithium Iron Phosphate rechargeable battery. The setup also includes a solar power cell that helps in maintaining optimum battery charge levels. In the absence of a reliable power source or a power disruption, Lithium Iron Phosphate can power the sensor for a maximum of 10 years.

Data demo of the Wireless Industrial Ultrasonic Sensor

Date Signal Battery Senor Reading
1/18/2018 – 1:14 PM 87 95 199 cm
1/18/2018 – 1:13 PM 88 97 198 cm
1/18/2018 – 1:09 PM 84 97 198 cm
1/18/2018 – 1:09 PM 85 97 198 cm

Contents of the box

  • Mounting hardware
  • SMA antenna
  • 3V industrial-grade battery (pre-installed)
  • Wireless sensor
  • Extension cable for the antenna
  • Pluck antenna – high gain

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900MHz, 868MHz, 433MHz

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Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors-Industrial

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