Wireless Dry Contact Sensor

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Wireless Dry Contact Sensor

Wireless Dry Contact sensors are primarily used for accurate detection of contact between two wired endpoints. The powerful sensors can easily be integrated with external mechanical switches or contact plates. Any contact between the two endpoints is detected and the collected data is transmitted through the wireless gateway allowing the user to receive alerts via SMS or email.

Product Description

Our simple installation guidelines and real-time alerts of contact establishment or teardown based on changes in the dry contact sensor’s readings ensure that breaks in the contact are encountered at an early stage and can be easily handled.

The robust design of the dry contact sensor makes it resistant to extreme conditions and ensures reliable operations even in remote locations. Our experienced professionals strive to provide high accuracy and quality solutions to counter issues faced by our customers.

Trusted Enterprise Grade “Internet of Things” Solutions

The high-quality wireless dry contact sensors are designed ergonomically and with cutting-edge technology to ensure an astounding non-line-of-sight reach of 1,200 feet through walls, which is 3 – 4 times the range of standard sensor platforms.

The sensors possess a higher degree of interference immunity because of the state-of-the-art Frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) integrated within the system. ALTA sensors deliver excellent power management with twice the battery life of standard sensors. The robust built of the dry contact sensors makes them last for 12 years with minimal maintenance efforts.

The highly effective onboard data storage allows the sensors to store data in power disruption scenarios. Messages that could not be transmitted are time-stamped and stored (maximum of 512 messages) to be delivered to the user when the communication gateway is restored post power disruption. New features are automatically updated by over-the-air updates available in our products range.

Product Features

  • Real-time transmission of readings when contact is detected.
  • Broken contact or gap is easily detected by our high-quality sensors.
  • Can be customized to detect a wide variety of lengths.

*The specified range on sensors can vary depending on various environmental factors

**The longevity of battery is determined by sensor frequency and a host of other variables.


Wireless Data Sensor example

Date Signal Battery Senor Reading
6/5/2012 – 2:19 PM 51 100 Loop Closed
6/5/2012 – 12:48 PM 100 100 Loop Open
4/2/2012 – 11:49 AM 100 80 Loop Open

The box contains

  • Wireless Sensor
  • CR2032 – Coin Cell Battery
  • Mounting Hardware

Additional information


AA, Coin Cell, Industrial


900 MHz, 868 MHz

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Wireless Dry Contact Sensor

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