Wireless Air Velocity / Speed Sensor

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Wireless Air Velocity / Speed Sensor

Ideal for enterprise-level airflow measurement, our cutting-edge Wireless Air Speed sensor not only measures the pressure difference between two input ports but also determines the speed at which air moves and then transmits the measurement.

With fast response time and high sensitivity, our speed sensors are a perfect match to handle your operational requirements with ease. With a convenient design, the sensor provides accurate results at high air velocities and determines the rate of air flow in a system taking into account vital factors, such as temperature and altitude.

Post-installation, it is vital to know the visual configuration of the sensor to use it in an optimal manner. When viewed from the top, the inlet port on the right side is designated as ‘negative’ denoting low side pressure input. When operational, the right side port gives a negative pressure reading when the pressure is greater on it than the left port. Similarly, greater pressure on the left port than the right one provides a positive pressure reading.

Leading Enterprise Grade “Internet of Things” Solutions

Wireless Air Speed sensor offers a remarkable non-line-of-sight reach of 1,000 feet through walls (12-14 walls by default), which offers up to four times the range of standard platforms. Our ALTA sensors have better interference immunity compared to regular wireless devices as our sensors are capable of making use of the powerful Frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology.

To ensure a superior design and comprehensive power management, ALTA sensors possess enhanced battery life than standard wireless sensors. The robust build and intricate design help these sensors last up to 10 years. Equipped with Encrypt-RF™ Security (256-bit Diffie Hellman key exchange) and AES-128 CBC encryption for secure transmission of sensor data), our sensors make sure security is maintained at every communication point – sensor to the gateway, gateway to software, then back again.

In case of any power outage or internet disruption, these sensors are empowered with integrated onboard data storage which timestamps the messages and stores them during the disruption. The saved messages can be transmitted later (up to last 512 messages). The sensors can update themselves remotely over the air (OTA), whenever new fixes and features are available.

The sensor comes in two variants, wherein the standard version is powered by two replaceable 1.5 V AA-size batteries and the advanced version comes with a line power option. The line powered version features a barrel power connector which can be powered by a 3.0 – 3.8V power supply and a backup of 1.5V AA batteries for uninterrupted power supply in case of power disruptions.

The internal hardware of the sensors must be chosen according to the power variants chosen by the client at the time of purchase.

Contents of the box:

  • Mounting hardware
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • Wireless sensor
  • USB cable
  • AC power supply

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AA, Industrial


900MHz, 868MHz, 433MHz

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Wireless Air Velocity / Speed Sensor

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