Wireless Air Particulate Meter

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Wireless Air Particulate Meter

Wireless Air Particulate Meters are extensively used across industries to monitor air quality and detect particulate concentrations. These 2.5M sensors have an in-built fan that samples air to accurately measure PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations suspended in the air at any specific point in time. The sensors are also equipped with lasers to measure the light scattered by suspended particles. This data is simultaneously converted into electrical signals to provide exact data readings.

Product Description

The Wireless Air Particulate Meter represents a technological breakthrough with its laser scattering capabilities for more accurate measurements. The advanced architecture coupled with robust internal components enables precise air quality monitoring and can be employed for many industrial operations.

Get Highly Reliable Air-Quality Monitoring

These powerful sensors are furnished with state-of-the-art technology which makes them capable of covering approximately four times the range of standard sensors. Their non-line-of-sight reach extends to a phenomenal 1000 feet through walls, corresponding to the thickness of 12-14 walls.

Equipped with Frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), these sensors are immune to interference from other wireless devices. The internal power management system saves power, thereby increasing the battery life to twice that of standard sensors. Our sensors have an expected lifetime of 10 years against a shorter span of 3 years for standard sensors.

The latest Encrypt-RF™ Security (256-bit Diffie Hellman key exchange and AES-128 CBC encryption for all sensor data messages), technology incorporated in the sensors provides security in every layer of communication and at every gateway. The onboard data storage allows sensors to store messages in the event of power disruptions. Messages that could not be delivered are time stamped (up to 512 messages) and stored for delivery at any later stage when the power returns. The sensor automatically downloads and installs any new upgrades and features that are available.

The wireless particulate meter is equipped with powerful 1.5V AA-size batteries for prolonged usage. The advanced version of the sensors is also coupled with line power option with a barrel power connector powered by a standard 3.0 – 3.8 V power supply for uninterrupted operation in case of a power outage. The power option should be selected at the time of purchase because the internal hardware must be changed for a different option.

The inlets of the sensors must be taken extra care to prevent any extra humidity seeping in- thus delivering erroneous results.

Contents in the Box

  • Wireless Sensor
  • Mounting Hardware
  • 2 x AA Batteries
  • USB cable
  • AC power supply

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900MHz, 868MHz, 433MHz

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Wireless Air Particulate Meter

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