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Why Anstel Connected Logistics?

We help you make better driver visibility and proof of delivery
from IoT devices and sensors.

On Time contactless and secured delivery

With the increase in online shopping on time contactless delivery is becoming need of the hour. More and more companies are embracing contactless delivery software solutions.

Optimise Route

Minimize delivery related costs by optimizing multi-stop feature of last mile that maps out the best route by considering time, location, driver capacity, distance, traffic, fuel costs, delivery urgency, one-way windows, weather, and so on.

Happy Customer

Reduce customer complaints by ensuring the delivery has reached the destination on time and guarantee its perfect condition with Proof of delivery which ensures the package was delivered intact and in a timely manner

Minimise Idle time

Cut down on your fleet’s idling time and save money also have a positive impact on the environment with last mile solutions.

Keep your Drivers Safe

Get alerts on harsh braking, excessive idling rapid acceleration, and sharp turns to keep a check on the safety of your drivers with sophisticated last mile solutions.

Proof of delivery

Get definite proof of delivery! Send an OTP to the customer right before delivery, with an image of the delivery executive leaving the package on the doorstep. Get recorded proof of delivery when the image is entered into the system, along with a signature.

Why Autonautics?

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